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Vashti's Journal

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5th May 2003

9:57pm: And the third installment of Crap theater
Okay so I wrote this and the previous two in the summer between Freshman and Sophomore year... You have been warned.

this one barely makes senseCollapse )

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9:54pm: Crappy Old Fiction #2
eww... songfic... I feel so dirtyCollapse )

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9:54pm: Crappy Ooooollld Fiction #1
warning, I wrote this at age 14Collapse )

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16th January 2003

2:35pm: Don't forget you have to sign in to get any of my writing drivel :)

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7th January 2003

11:22am: meet my muse
I needed a place to write and let people see it, if you are one of my friends, that means I truly trust you with my writing. Understand that, and when you comment, make sure you make it constructive not harsh, kay?

Current Mood: anxious

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